Our history

Our highlights of the past 25 years

Height Specialists was founded in 1995 on the 24th of May. That means that this year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary! The past 25 years consisted of growth, development and experience. Where in 1995 we were still seen as cowboys, abseilers and climbers, we have now grown to become the specialist in working safely at height. To celebrate this anniversary, we will count down together to this special day and share all the highlights of Height Specialists throughout the year.


Stunts at height

From the beginning, Height Specialists has assisted in height stunts of various television programs. Like the program Now or Never, where viewers with certain phobias or fears were challenged to overcome “their fears” in return for large sums of money. Fear of heights is one of the most common fears and therefore many stunts were performed at height.

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hoogte stunts

Abseiling Euromast

Abseiling from the Euromast, who’s not familiar with it? Since 1995 the real daredevils have the opportunity to abseil from the Euromast. An event that started small at the time, but has grown into one of the most famous activities in Rotterdam. But where did the idea come from?

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Abseilen Euromast

Height Specialists founded

Height Specialists was founded in 1995 by Sander Louwrier. Sander grew up climbing and prefered to do this everyday. That’s when he decided to share his passion of climbing with others. Together with two friends he founded Height Specialists and started in a basement box with two rolls of rope under his bed.

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Zip line Euromast

Since 1996 Height Specialists has started to organize not only the abseil but also the zip line of the Euromast. This is the fastest zip line in Europe! Instead of taking the lift down, we make sure that participants can get to the ground safely from a height of 100 meters (with 100 km/h) in about 15 seconds.


Height Specialists Events

In the early years of Height Specialists the focus was mainly on events. Since 1995 we started abseiling and ziplining from the Euromast and since 1997 we also organised many group and team building activities at height. Activities such as climbing walls and height parcourse where safety has always played an important role. Whether it is an event or industrial work, safety has been priority since 1995.


The number of industrial projects is increasing

As of 2000, projects at height in our ‘Industrial’ division increased. The industry discovers that rope access is a safe, efficient and often cost effective working method.

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New Sponsor

Height Specialists was in 2000 sponsored by Pepsi for events such as abseiling and zip lining from the Euromast.


Abseiling Arsenal Tower

Height Specialists started working together with the Arsenal tower in Vlissingen in 2001. Due to the great success of the abseiling and zip lining from the Euromast, this 65 meter high watchtower was a nice spot for a second abseil location!

Abseiling arsenal tower

Jules unlimited

In 2001 Height Specialists collaborated with the television program Jules Unlimited. A program where the presenters try out extreme sports and hobbies. Including of course the abseiling and zip lining from the Euromast!

jules unlimited

Mounting banners

New client Interbest ensured continuous assignments at height. Every other week about 35 men of Height Specialists changed about 50 to 100 advertising banners along highways throughout the Netherlands.

reclamedoeken monteren

Opening Unilever

One of the very first Height Specialists openings was in assignment for Unilever. Height Specialists organised various rope activities in connection with the festivities to celebrate the new Unilever headquarters in Rotterdam. Activities included an abseil with smoke patterns, a lift bridge shuttle jump and the unveiling of a banner.


IRATA certified

Since 2006 Height Specialists has been officially IRATA certified as an operator and training company.

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IRATA certificate

Musical Tarzan

For 10 years Height Specialists has been responsible for the safe performance of the musical Tarzan. The musical contained no less than 350 flight movements for which each cast member had to be properly secured and checked.

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tarzan height specialists

Tarzan Musical Hamburg

From 2008 to 2013 the musical Tarzan was performed in Hamburg in the Neue Flora theater under the supervision of Height Specialists.

musical tarzan hamburg

Offshore assignments are increasing

Since 2010 assignments in the marine & offshore sector are increasing thanks to partners in business on Dutch and international waters.


Musical Tarzan Stuttgart

2013 to 2016 Height Specialists made sure all cast members of the musical Tarzan in Stuttgart could ‘fly’ safely.

musical tarzan stuttgart


Opening office and training center in Lithuania

IRATA Litouwen


Collaboration with Nigeria; providing local training and assignments on site

Height Specialists africa


Start Height Specialists United Emerates, office in Dubai. Anno 2020 30 IRATA certified technicians.

Height Specialists Dubai

Superhero Abseil

Since 2016, Height Specialists, together with the Sophia Children’s Hospital, has organised an annual superhero abseil. A number of superheroes will abseil from the roof of the Sophia in a spectacular way and appear in front of the children’s windows. Every year, the event puts a big smile on the children’s faces and provides a well-deserved distraction for the Sophia’s tough boys and girls, who fight their illness every day as true heroes.

Height Specialists superhelden abseil

Bilfinger Height Specialists

Height Specialists is part of Bilfinger and continues as Bilfinger Height Specialists. This collaboration fits in perfectly with the demand from clients from Belgium and the Netherlands to offer alternative solutions for accessibility at height. In addition, we can now both offer a total solution for various integrated maintenance services at height. Read more about this acquisition.

Bilfinger Height Specialists