Core values

Core values help us make certain choices. They are, as it were, the guiding principle against which we constantly measure our behaviour. This applies to us as well as to our clients and business partners. In this way, we build long-term relationships with each other and we certainly achieve the set results.


Professionalism within Bilfinger Height Specialists is broader than just carrying out your work in a professional manner. This professionalism also works within our organization and is the basis of our work.


Working safely is a necessity for the existence of Bilfinger Height Specialists. Not only during the execution of our work but also within the organization we strive to create a safe climate in which everyone feels safe enough to be vulnerable.

Working together

Within Bilfinger Height Specialists we strive for long-term relationships in which cooperation is essential. Of course, cooperation between all layers of the organisation, but also cooperation with our partners in business, and clients.


As an organisation, Bilfinger Height Specialists wants to develop continuously. This development starts with the employees, where we invest in the development of individual competencies. In addition to these individual competencies, we also work continuously on improvements throughout the organisation.