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Why take an IRATA training? What do i need to participate in an IRATA training and what are the costs? All information about the IRATA training can be found here. Is your question not listed Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

Why follow an IRATA training?

People often think that IRATA and rope access are the same, but that is not true. Rope access means: getting access to places (at height/ in depth) using rope techniques.
IRATA is a worldwide known organisation that deals with the safe execution of rope access.
IRATA requires, among other things, that technicians must always attach themselves to two independent anchor points. By following an IRATA training you will learn the guidelines that IRATA sets and you will be able to practice rope access in a safe way.

It is also important to follow an IRATA training when you work with businesses, because more and more clients require an IRATA certificate.

For whom is an IRATA training?

The IRATA courses are intended to teach participants a safe methodology in the field of rope access. The IRATA training is for everyone who wants to learn the IRATA method in order to safely use rope access. The minimum age is 18 years and experience is not required. To follow an IRATA level 2 or 3 training there are other requirements. Of course, it is important that you are physically and medically fit for every training course. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why is an IRATA training important for my employees?

If you want your own staff to work safely at height using rope access, you can choose to sign up your staff for an IRATA training course. For example, is your staff specialised in inspection work and do you often get the request to carry out an inspection at height as well? Then an IRATA training might be a good option. You can also choose to cooperate with an IRATA specialised company.

Please contact us for more information or to sign up your staff for an IRATA training.

How does a regular IRATA training looks like?

A regular IRATA training at Bilfinger Height Specialists starts on Monday morning with a short introduction. After the introduction you will go straight into the ropes.
During the week you will learn about the rope access techniques and the IRATA guidelines of our trainers. On Friday you will take an exam under the supervision of an independent examiner. After the exam you will receive the assessment form from the examiner. When this has been successfully completed, we will pass it on to IRATA. IRATA will send this certificate within six weeks. As soon as we have received it, we will check the certificates and send it to all graduated participants.

Didn’t make it? That is too bad. You can always sign up for out next IRATA training and try again.

How does the IRATA training work?

The IRATA training takes four days and on the fifth day you will take an exam under the supervision of an independent examiner. This ensures that the training is of high quality and that the participants meet objective standards. The exam consists of two parts:

  • Theoretical
    The level 1 exam consists of multiple choice questions, the level 2 and 3 exam consists of open questions. In addition, the examiner also tests four other parts of the IRATA level 3 exam. For example, you need to fill in an IRATA job planning form, risk assessment, method statement and an equipment inspection form correctly.
  • Practical
    The examiner gives a number of assignments. These tasks include performing various manoeuvres and rescues. The examiner evaluates the correct and safe execution of assignments and your insight. During a Level 3 exam, the examiner will also assess your management qualities.

If you have passed both parts, your IRATA certificate will be send to you.

Can i follow the training in another language?

Yes, we have Dutch and English speaking trainers.

How long is an IRATA certificate valid?

The IRATA certificate is valid for three years. This certificate is only valid when you have worked with rope access at least once every six months. If you have not climbed for over six months, your certificate expires. In order to have your certificate declared valid again, you can follow a refresh training. This training takes a maximum of one day and depends on whether the trainer feels that you have passed the exercises at your level.

Why follow an IRATA refresher training?

An IRATA certificate is valid for three years. This has one exception, if you haven’t climbed for over 6 months according to your logbook, the certificate is no longer valid. The IRATA refresh course is aimed at allowing you to carry out rope access work at height again without having to follow an entire training course.

How does an IRATA refresher training looks like?

The duration of a refresher varies per participant. It can take 2 to 3 hours, or a whole day. When the trainer decides that you do the exercises properly at your level (level 1/2/3), the refresh course is completed. It is not necessary to take an exam in order to complete this course.

When can i follow an IRATA/refresher training?

IRATA Training
Every second week of the month we offer the possibility to follow an IRATA training. With many registrations we also offer a second training week. Check out our training schedule for all our training dates. If the dates do not fit the schedule, please contact us.

Refresher training
A refresher training is a customized training.  Please contact us for more information or to apply for a refresh course.

What do i need to take with me to an IRATA/refresher training?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing. We ask you to bring safety shoes, ID/passport and, if in possession, IRATA logbook or yellow form. The course material and lunch are included.

Please note:
If you have registered for IRATA level 2 or 3, make sure that the number of required hours in your IRATA logbook is signed off at the start of the training!

What are the costs of an IRATA/refresher training?

The IRATA training is 1095,00 excluding VAT.

The refresh course is 225,00 excluding VAT.

These prices include all necessary climbing equipment and insurances.

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