Marine & Offshore rope access

decommissioning • ndt • heavy lifting • stand-by rescue teams

Bilfinger Height Specialists has been supplying driven specialists for the offshore and maritime sector for years. Among other things, we carry out inspections from which maintenance plans can be drawn up. Of course, Bilfinger Height Specialists can be of service to realise these maintenance plans. Whether it concerns coating, insulation, heavy lifting or decomissioning; our technicians can be deployed in all areas. All activities are preceded by a thorough project plan and risk inventory.



  • non-destructive testing
  • maintenance (e.g. coating)
  • standby rescue teams
  • decommissioning
  • heavy lifting


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“The guys of Height Specialists have conducted themselves flawlessly again while on board. Helped us out and produced a good finished product. Thanks again for all the help.”
-Technical Superintendent


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