Health Safety Environment

Result, service and quality

We want to be seen as a leader in safety, as an example to our industry. An organisation in which you feel safe and where safety is mentioned in one breath with results, service and quality. We are committed to protecting the health and physical wellbeing of our employees and associates, thereby ensuring the safety and security of the impact on our environment.

We strive for an open culture in which everyone feels safe enough to say that they feel or think. Together we are responsible for the HSE policy and corporate culture. We have a shared responsibility to take HSE policy seriously and to continuously strive for improvement and growth.

An important next step is the development of safer behaviour and awareness among all employees. Only if we dare to work better and more together the organisation can take this necessary next step. It’s about how we think about safety, how we talk about safety but especially, our behaviour when it comes to safety. Everyone within the organisation has a responsibility to prevent injury to themselves and their colleagues. All this to contribute together to the preservation of the environment in which we work.

That’s why I expect you to:
– Respect the rules and procedures and follow the instructions
– Intervenes when people are at risk
– Respect each other and the environment

As General Manager of Bilfinger Height Specialists, I am committed to making it possible to achieve these goals.


Bergschenhoek, 01-01-2023


Henri Hoogenes
General Manager