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Where did the idea come from?

Sander Louwrier’s parents had a climbing center where he was often to be found, but he was looking for more challenges and more heights. That’s when he started to go abroad more often to climb there. After a few years, he decided to look for heights in the Netherlands and wanted to share this passion with others. Because even though there are no mountains in the Netherlands, there are plenty of high buildings! For example, did you want to celebrate your company anniversary in a unique way? Then Sander made sure that your staff could abseil from the building.


Valuable property

Together with two friends he started in a basement box of 2.5 x 4 meters. His most valuable possession? The ropes ofcourse. Buying a new rope easily took a month income, that’s why they were always stored in a safe place. When visitors came, he would show the ‘treasure room‘ (his bedroom) where he kept the 2 rolls of 200 meter rope under his bed. (Big difference in comparison of the 70 km rope we have nowadays!)


Height Specialist(s)

On May 24, 1995 Sander had 3 employees and went to the Chamber of Commerce to register his company under the name Height Specialists. Unfortunately this name was rejected. The company was a one-man business and therefore the name was not allowed to be plural. As a result, it became ‘Height Specialist trading under the name Height Specialists’.


First assignment

The services of Height Specialists were new and very special so it didn’t take long before the first request came in. Our very first assignment, project number 001: hanging nets on the driving range at Golfbaan Rijswijk. Projects that followed were mostly civil work and events such as, abseiling of buildings, team building assignments at height, abseiling and zip lining of the Euromast etc.

Oprichting Height Specialists

Height Specialists’ first assignment at Golfbaan Rijswijk.

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