About us

With our team of driven specialists we deliver safe and efficient solutions


We have gained knowledge over the past 25 years through the diversity of our work. This makes Bilfinger Height Specialists the specialist in working at height. Besides knowledge and experience we have a large team of professionals who can be deployed in all areas.


Within Bilfinger Height Specialists we have a large group of regular colleagues. They want to continuously improve together and are committed to the successful completion of any project. Because we work together on a daily basis, we learn a lot about each other. Not only on a technical level but also on a personal level. Our open culture and family atmosphere ensures that we know each other through and through. Therefore we can always deploy the right people on the right project.


Because all our employees are widely trained and certified, we can be deployed anywhere due to the size of our permanent team. In this way we can continuously respond to the changes that the market demands of us, in consultation with you as the client.


The (rope) techniques we use enable us to make the inaccessible accessible. These techniques are the same in the offshore and petrochemical industry as well as in the energy and civil markets. For example, we operate within various divisions, constantly using our skills to carry out the work at heights.


Bilfinger Height Specialists provides training in the field of working at height as well as IRATA training. These training courses are given by experienced, IRATA-certified trainers. This not only ensures that our own people are and remain at the same level, but also the people who come to us to follow a training course. Because of our many years of experience we are not only able to share the substantial knowledge, but also the experiences we have gained in the field.