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From the beginning of Height Specialists we have helped with stunts at height for various television programs. Programs like the ‘Staatsloterij show’, ‘Wedden dat’ and Now or Never. For the show Now or Never, viewers with certain phobias or fears were challenged to overcome “their fears” in return for large sums of money. Fear of heights is one of the most common fears and that’s why many stunts were at heights. Height Specialists supervised and performed all these stunts safely and professionally.


Abseiling from the Euromast

With this first stunt a participant had to overcome his fear of heights by abseiling from the Euromast. Despite the fact that the competitor didn’t like it and couldn’t wait until he had both feet on the ground again
(because of the fear of heights of course), it was a great success! Such a success that Height Specialists and the Euromast have agreed to organize this more often in the summer. This was our first stunt ever and also our first time abseiling from the Euromast.


Overcoming fear of heights

If you really want to overcome your fear of heights, this stunt is recommended! This was one of the most exciting stunts of the program. So exciting that we also performed it for the German Now or Never. For this stunt we placed a beam between two buildings on the Marconiplein. We also secured the participant and made sure he could walk safely over the beam. We were also stand-in here, but even our own employees found it exciting to perform this stunt! In the video the participant sits on the beam and our stand-in also had to perform this action for the distance shots…


Fear of water

In the third movie Jos has to overcome his fear of water. Height Specialists guided and made this stunt possible by means of a rope bridge through the waterfalls of Coo in the Belgian Ardennes. We were also stand-in for several shots.


Jumping of the Hef in Rotterdam

During this stunt someone had to overcome his fear of heights by jumping of the Hef in Rotterdam. Height Specialists arranged the rope sling and made sure the man was firmly and securely fastened. Also during this stunt we were a stand-in for several shots.

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