Window cleaning at height

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Window cleaning at height.

ramen wassen op hoogte




At ASR Nederland in Utrecht. A beautiful building which for the most part consists of glass. This, of course, provides the necessary maintenance. But how do you reach the windows at height in this indoor garden? With rope access!


Work Activities

The work consists of washing windows and panels on the inside of two indoor gardens.


Why rope access?

  • The windows must be washed from the inside. Many working methods such as aerial work platforms or scaffolding cannot reach this work location as a result. We use rope access to work in the most difficult-to-reach places.
  • The building is open on working days for staff and visitors and therefore it is important that they can work unhindered. As a result, our work can only take place on weekends. By using Rope Access, the technicians can quickly and easily set up and take down the ropes every weekend without having an impact on the surroundings during working hours.
  • When working according to IRATA guidelines, it is a safe way of working at height.


Duration and team
On assignment of Facilicom, we carried the work out over four weekends. The team consists of 5 technicians and an IRATA level 3 supervisor.

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