Replacing anodes 02 August 2019

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This week our team of technicians replaced anodes on a boat in the port of Rotterdam. The technicians were able to start immediately by attaching the ropes to the predetermined anchor points. After that, they went into the ropes themselves and started grinding away the old anodes and welding back the new ones. When all the anodes were replaced, the ropes were removed.

This work involved a number of predetermined risks. Such as the risk that the ropes could be damaged by the welding and grinding work. They solved this by applying a back-up line with a steel sling at the place where the tools were located.
By being aware of the risks in advance, we were able to carry out the work in a fast, efficient and above all safe manner. This work was supervised by our experienced IRATA level 3 Supervisor. Furthermore, the team consisted of two more technicians, one of whom was a welder.

Result: by means of rope access we made the hard-to-reach places accessible and we were able to carry out the work. Next week we will be on the same boat to carry out conservation work!

In addition to replacing anodes, we also carry out various other activities in the marine & offshore sector. Last year, for example, we carried out inspection work on the largest ship in the world.

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