Replacing top side of a column

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We successfully assisted during a major maintenance stop at Shell Pernis. In cooperation with Engie we replaced the top side of a column.

decommissioning rope access

replacing top side of a column

February 2022

Shell Pernis


Shell Pernis.


Why rope access?

The top side was scaffolded to prepare for hoisting. However, it was not possible to reach the entire location with this workmethod.

”The calculation showed that one side could not be reached with scaffolding. Therefore, we used rope access to make the work proceed quickly & efficiently.” – Jurjen Kluck, projectmanager.


Work activities

To keep the hoisting moment as short as possible, we replaced the bolts and nuts of the top platform beforehand. In addition, we fixed the piping, hooked up the loads and dismantled them.

Then it was time to hoist out the top side. The cage ladder had already been dismantled and it would be challenging to hook the top to the crane. Because we left our ropes behind, it was no problem for us to reach the entire location and we could assist Engie with all activities.

Finally, we assisted with putting back the new top side and reassembling all the parts.

rope access shell

Replacing bolts and nuts

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