Creating a safe anchor point

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Entering confined spaces without an anchor point on site.

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December 2021



Maasvlakte, deep water location.


Why Rope Access?

Slings and shackles had to be installed in a number of ballast tanks. These confined spaces were difficult to reach. Using our rope techniques, the tripod and the Harken Winch, we still made the location safely accessible.


Work activities

Using the tripod, we created a safe anchor point above the manhole to attach our ropes to. This way we safely carried out the work. In case of an emergency we could use the tripod in combination with the Harken Winch (hoisting system operated manually). With this, we hoist the technician in easily and quickly. This way, the supervisor does not have to enter the confined space and we limit the risk.

The rope rescue team regularly uses the tripod and Harken Winch during a rescue.

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