Assembling frames to the facade

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Assembling 8 frames and banners on the facade of this renovation building.

August 2018

Blow-Up Media


We carried out this work on a building in the south of Amsterdam at an altitude of 80 metres.



Since there was no elevator in the building due to demolition renovation, we had to lift all materials ourselves. We did this with the help of a rope hoist system. We first mounted the 8 frames on the building, and then mounted the banners.
We did this work for Blow-Up Media. They supplied the materials for the frames as well as the banners. The work took 3 days, with a team of 6 technicians.



The work had to be carried out on a site surrounded by soft soil, the use of an aerial work platform was not possible. Due to the large steel construction on the roof, this building was ideal for rope access techniques.

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