Assembly on facades 13 August 2019

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Last week we did assembly work on facades at Yield Plus. The holes in the cladding of the facades were left open and the facades were not finished with a waterproof sealant. There were also birds who started to settle in the facade insulation. As the workplace is situated above water, we were asked to use rope access to make this accessible and carry out the work.

In total there were 54 holes which we had to close, so it was important to close them on short term. With a team of a level 3 supervisor and 2 level 2 technicians we assembled plates and finished them with a waterproof sealant. Within one working day we successfully completed this work. By means of team composition and division of tasks, we ensured a situation in which a rescue can be carried out at all times.

Last month we made another workplace above water accessible by means of rope access. This time we used an ISC A-frame to load the balustrade as little as possible.

Pictures: Michael Slee, IRATA level 3 supervisor.

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