Painting at low tide 27 May 2019

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The pillars of the Pier in Scheveningen needed a refresh. But how do you get there? As the workplace is above water, scaffolding and aerial work platforms are excluded. The only solution is to enter the workplace from above. Van der Heiden Painting has asked us to use rope access to carry out the maintenance work.

In 2016, we already ensured that the pillars were painted in cheerful colours. Now we were asked to freshen them up; we first cleaned and then painted the 8 pillars of the Pier. It was important to plan the work well in advance because of the changing tides. Our technicians were only able to workat low tide before the water started to rise again. But within a week, our team ensured that the pillars had a fresh summer look again.

We wanted to capture this beautiful project. You can watch the video of our work below.
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Pictures: Martin Fickweiler
Video: Enthusiastic colleague

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