Training at height in the theatre 15 June 2018

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The theatre is not an unfamiliar place for us; for years, Height Specialists accompanied the flight movements of the musical Tarzan in the Netherlands and Germany. So we know the great importance of working safely on stage!

The employees of Stage Entertainment were looking for a training at height that fits in perfectly with their situation. We set up a special programme focused on the musical activities and provided the training at the Circustheater in Scheveningen. This way, the employees did not have to attend any general training on working at heights. But in one day they learned everything they should know to make the musical De Lion King run safely.

Do you also want us to set up a customized training? Contact us and we will discuss all the possibilities.

The course day was a great success, everyone has learned something new and has become wiser!

– our satisfied client Stage Entertainment

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